Frequently asked questions

What is Cineve?

Cineve is entertainment oriented streaming service, that offers content for every audience.

What devices are supported?

Computer, tablet, mobile phone, Smart TV.

Can I download the movies?

No. Cineve is streaming platform, that works over internet connection and the movies are not stored on local device.

I got a message: „content, that you are trying to access is not available on your territory. Why?

Most likely you are trying to access a movie or series via direct link from a territory that is not covered by our license agreement. In other words – we are not allowed to show this content on your territory.

Do I need to pay for everything?

The films and series are divided into 3 categories: Premium, Library and Freemium.

The content in Freemium category can be watched for free (with ad’s).

What is the difference between Premium, Library and Freemium films?

Premium, Library and Freemium are three categories that we have divided our films into.

Premium category is for blockbusters and new films. These can only be rented individually for 48h.

Library is the main catalogue. All these films can be watched with one subscription. There are 2 subscription periods – 7 days and 30 days.

Freemium category films can be watched for free with ad’s. If you have active subscription, then (in most cases!) the ad’s will be removed.

Can the Freemium category films be watched without ads?

With a very few exceptions, yes, if you have purchased a subscription.

What are the payment methods?

Paypal and credit card.

I did not like the movie, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Everty title has description and trailer to help you decide if this is something worth watching. We cannot be held responsible that the content is likeable to everybody.

I have more questions, what should I do?

In the bottom of the page you find a link Contacts. Clicking there takes you to the page with contact form, where you can send us your questions or other feedback.

Cineve options
Premium selection

One option to watch films on Cineve platform is to rent them one by one. The films, that can be watched with this method, have been mostly gathered into "Premium" selection. That selection contains the best of our titles. Theatrically released ones, large budget, blockbusters, A-listed cast etc. To watch them, you need to purchase a ticket called „CineFILM“.
The ticket CineFILM grants the right to watch selected movie unlimited times during 48H hour window. To purchase that ticket you need to:

  1. Select the desired movie
  2. On that film's introduction page click "Rent for x.xx€" (depending on the title, the price can vary)
  3. Login to the platform with your userid (if you haven't done that already)
  4. Select method of payment.
  5. Execute paymentˇ.
  6. Right after the payment has been confirmed, the package will be activated and you can start enjoying the movie.
  7. 48h period starts from the moment of payment acceptance, during that time you can watch the selected movie unlimited times.
  8. Explore Premium selection
Library selection

The films, that can be watched in Subscription basis, are gathered into Library selection. Some of them can be watched (a bit cheaper) using individual ticket - „CineFILM“. The more cost effective option is to purchase CineWEEK or CineMONTH ticket. CineWEEK ticket gives access to the Library selection for 7 days, CineMONTH for 30 days (and during that time you can watch as many films from the Library selection as you want). In addition we have a special packge for kidas. The ticket „CineKID“ gives access to kids content only for 30 days. (NB! CineWEEK & CineMONTH include kids selection as well)
To aquire subscription ticket:

  1. On any „Library“ title introduction page click on "Get Subscription"
  2. On next popup screen select CineWEEK or CineMONTH. If you want ONLY kids kontent you can select CineKID.
  3. Click "Proceed"
  4. Login to the platform with your userid (if you haven't done that allready)
  5. Select method of payment
  6. Follow instructions to execute payment
  7. Right after the payment has been confirmed, the package will be activated and you can start enjoying the movies

Explore Library selection
Freemium selection

„Freemium“ selection consists of titles that can be watched for free. In order to reward the creators and distributors for their work, these films will have adds inserted. In other words: the advertisers will pay for your free movie experience to keep everybody satisfied.. Most of the "Freemium" selection movies can be watched adds-free, if you have a valid CineWEEK or CineMONTH subscription. The CineKID subscription gives add-free only for kids content.
NB! There are some movies that cannot be watched add-free even with paid subscription. The reason is that for those titles, Cineve platform has only AVOD license granted and SVOD rights are exclusively with someone else. Thank you for understanding.

Explore Freemium selection