The Treasure
Synopsis Cast

A fairy tale which does not lack in humour and suspense. It starts in a small town where preparations for a theatre show are in full swing. The play on the programme is based on a local legend about a huge treasure hidden deep underground. Many are those who wish to find it, but whoever sets out to look for it never returns. The protagonists of the performance are two sisters, Kathy and Barbra, and musician Jake, Barbra´s jealous boyfriend. The theme of the play appeals to the greedy lord of the chateau Bořivoj of Hájek, who comes with his brother Ignatz, eccentric inventor and explorer. While somewhere underneath, at the real treasure, its three ghostly guards sit and devise all sorts of pastimes which do not please the Ruler of the Underground at all. His patience runs out when the bored guards interfere with the fates of the humans - making a bet about how the relationship between Jake and Barbra will turn out. A series of unfortunate, sometimes comic misunderstandings culminates in a dangerous expedition of three treasure seekers – Barbra, Jake and lord Bořivoj – of whom each has different motivation, and each is faced different trials and pitfalls …

Jana Pidrmanová, Adam Kraus, David Švehlík, Vojtěch Dyk, Markéta Frösslová, Karel Heřmánek, Pavel Liška, Jan Budař, Josef Polášek, Tomáš Töpfer and others

Year 2012
Director Vít Karas
Studio Czech Television
Genre Fantasy, Kids, Adventure
Age 6+

Resolution: 1080p
Duration: 83min
Audio language: RUS, EST, CES

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