The Christmas Star
Synopsis Cast

Even stars contend with the same relationship issues that humans do. No one is perfect and each star has its faults. Even our heroine, Morning Star, whose significant other is the much admired Sirius. One day, the jealous Proxima knocks Morning Star out of the sky, and she lands in a village where our terrestrial hero, the teacher Vaclav, lives. Vaclav is secretly in love with a princess. Morning Star has only a few days to get back into the sky, otherwise she will be extinguished. The only other thing that can keep her alive should she not make it back to her heavenly home in time is pure and unselfish love. Morning Star therefore decides to bring Vaclav and the princess together. Her plans, however, keep being thwarted by Proxima, who flies down to Earth to destroy her. Then there is Sirius’s helper, however, who sets out to save her…

Tereza Ramba, Vojtěch Kotek, Leonie Brill, Anna Geislerová, Ondřej Sokol, Kryštof Hádek, Matěj Hádek, Zlata Adamovská, Martin Huba, Braňo Bystriansky, Barbora Mošnová, Romana Goščíková, Jan Slovák, Roman Štabrňák, Michal Dalecký, Václav Zimmermann, Petr Gelnar, Marika Šoposká

Year 2020
Director Karel Janák
Studio Czech Television
Genre Kids, Adventure, Fantasy
Age 6+

Resolution: 1080p
Duration: 91min
Audio language: RUS, EST, CES

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